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Bio: DellaHamblin-Clark

Founder/ President & CEO

Della Hamblin-Clark  is Founder/President & Chief Executive Officer of the Transformation Center for Victims of Abuse, an organization that primary focus is restoring and advocating for victims of abuse regardless of age, gender or circumstances.


Hamblin-Clark formed the Transformation Center for Victims of Abuse a newly non-profit agency in April 2015 and is a grass root organization in it's beginning stage.  Clark's goal and primary concerns are to provide tools and resources to promote productive lives, assist individuals with specific goals and well-being for a life of independence.


Prior to Transformation Center for Victims of Abuse, she works for Adult Well-Being, Developmental Disability Services, Administrative Transportation Coordinator, which inspired her to dedicate her live to advocacy and to be a voice for victims of abuse.


Clark received a Diploma in Radio and Television Broadcast from Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in 2000, Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from the U of D Mercy in 2008, Master of Arts in Social Justice from Marygrove College in 2012 and she later received a Certificate in Gerontology from Marygrove College.




Board of Directors

  • Sheila Robinson, Chairperson

  • Sandra Cummings, Vice Chairperson

  • Mark Yancy, Treasurer

  • Sheila Gardner, Recording Secretary

  • Charles Kesner, Chairperson Strategic & Communication

  • Tosa Gilbert, Strategic & Communication

  • Gwendolyn Warren, Strategic & Communication

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